Thursday, November 4, 2010

don't leave me here || fifteen

Wowwwww, it's been ages since I wrote for this story. Well, wait no more. I do have some ideas up my sleeve, so I thought I'd post this, it was half written for a long time now. I just finished it tonight, so I hope you enjoy! Comments are appreciated:)

Why was she doing this? I couldn’t lose her. Maybe if I tell her how I feel she’ll stay.

“Julie…you belong here”

“No I don’t” she said quietly, “Teri belongs here”

“Forget about Teri”

“No, she’s my sister, and you love her, she loves you…”

“I don’t love her”

She just looked up at me, with that look in her eyes I saw every single day, she looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I was.

“What? But when I asked if you were in love, you--”

“I’m not in love with her”

“Then if not her, then--” her eyes widened and she moved back, “no….

I just nodded slowly, I didn’t know what else to say at this point. Her face changed emotion every few seconds. I didn’t know how to respond. I just told her I was in love with her. She stood up, went to her room and I heard the door shut.

“Julie” I said knocking on the door, “Don’t do this”

“Are you lying to me?” I heard her ask.

“I wouldn’t lie to you about this”

“How long?”

“Since I met you” he simply said.

She swung the door open and just stared at me. Her face was tear streaked. She looked absolutely terrified, “You’ve loved me for 9 years and you’re just telling me this now!”

I just cleared my throat and kept eye contact, “Yes. Please don’t tell me you don’t feel the same way”

She just stared at me and I was beginning to think the worst. Maybe this was a bad idea. This was going to ruin everything. Everything we have together.

“Maybe…” she said, “Which is why I can’t stay here” She went to shut the door but my hand stopped it. She might be strong, but I wasn’t letting her go that easily.

“I’m not letting you slip through my fingers Julie. Not this time” I said. I did all I could, I kissed her. She didn’t even try to stop me. In fact, when I tried to pull away for a breath, she pulled me back.

We stumbled into the bedroom and I kicked the door shut behind me and she pulled me down onto the bed. This whole moment felt like it was going in slow motion. She had no idea how long I’ve been wanting this.

I slowed her down immediately. If we were going to do this, I wasn’t going to rush it. I wanted her, every part of her.

I stopped her wandering hands and gently kissed her, softly, slowly. My lips travelled down her neck while my hands made their way under her shirt, where they have been longing to go for so long.

*Julie’s POV*

I didn’t know what was going on at this point, all I knew was that I liked it, and I wasn’t by any means going to stop him. I couldn’t help but let a quiet moan escape my mouth when his lips brushed my ear.

“You’ve dreamt about this haven’t you?” he mumbled as his lips travelled from my ear down my jaw line.

I drew in a sharp breath and just nodded, “Mhmm”

“You want me to keep going?”


“You want me to make love to you Julie?” he whispered into my ear.

I just nodded.

He wasted no time and pulled my shirt over my head. He had me. I had no control over my actions anymore, he was in complete control. I didn’t know if there was anything that could stop me. I was wrong.

“You bitch” I heard from the doorway. Brooks jumped off of me immediately and I saw Teri standing in the doorway.


“And you, you said you loved me” she said directing her eyes to Brooks. I could see the pain in her eyes, it broke my heart. She started to leave and I grabbed my shirt and threw it over my head.

“Teri, there’s nothing going on, I promise” I said following her.

“Don’t you dare lie to me” she said turning around, “Either of you”

“I love her” I heard Brooks say. The one time he decides to speak, perfect timing. You could tell those words pierced through her heart. I didn’t know what to do. I watched her leave the apartment and I stood there, and didn’t say a word. I was afraid to look at him.

“I told you I couldn’t stay here” I said without making eye contact, “I have to leave” I went towards the bedroom but he caught my arm and I couldn’t break free.

“Do you not understand that this whole thing is meant to be? Stop running from me, please” he just pushed me against the wall in order to keep me from going anywhere, “I’m not tied to your sister anymore, don’t use that excuse. I love you, from the day I met you Julie, and I know you feel something, because what just happened in there was not one-sided”

I took a deep breath, “I admit, something is there Brooks, I won’t deny it. But, I still have to go. I need to do this for me, I have to straighten this whole thing out, my heart is not in a state to be with you right now. I don’t want to hurt you, okay? Please respect that”

He slowly let me go and I went to my room and finished packing my things. I heard him behind me, but I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t look at him right now, I’d immediately feel guilty.

“I have to do this” I said keeping my eyes on my suitcase.

“You’ll be back here, sooner than you think” he replied.

“What makes you so sure?” I snapped turning around to look at him.

“Because I know you” he replied.

“That means nothing” I half laughed.

“I know you feel the same way, and it’s only a matter of time before you finally realize it”

“You’re such a jerk!”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re so selfish. You want this so badly it’s like you’re trying to force it on me. What if I don’t want to feel like this?”

He sighed, “It’s not something you can control Julie…it just happens, whether it’s the opportune time for you or not”

I looked up at him and just sighed, “I just broke my sister’s heart, you just broke my sister’s heart and all you can think about is this? I can’t do this Brooks, I can’t be with you knowing what it did to my sister, not right now”

“You can’t leave me here without you” he said.

“I’m sorry…I have to”


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